Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment using natural plant extracts that can help to promote health and wellbeing. 
The oils from plants are extracted by various techniques. Aromatherapy has been around forever! The ancient cultures of China, Egypt and India to name just a few have incorporated aromatherapy oils (plant extracts) in balms, resins not just for medicinal uses but also religious purposes. One of the gifts to Christ when he was born was Myrrh a very expensive oil of the time. 
A French chemist by the name of Renee-Maurice Gattefosse wrote a book in 1937 and spoke about his discovery of using Lavendar Oil as a potentially ideal way of helping heal burns. 
Aromatherapy oils can also help to enhance the home by using them in oil burners, oil diffusers. The fragrances can create an ambience of Calmness ,or an Uplifting scent to create a sense of Wellbeing. 
Aromatherapy products can be bought ready blended for certain uses, or speak to a trained aromatherapist and they can create a blend specific to your individual needs. 
An important note to end with aromatherapy oils should be used with caution so ask for advice from a trained aromatherapist if in doubt when buying for personal us. 
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