Crystals and Gemstones are our natural treasures from Mother Earth. With a vast range of colours, shape and varieties forming naturally throughout the world. Some of these beautiful treasures are rare and very precious, whilst others are commonly found and easily available. 
For thousands of years, the ancient civilisations Egyptian, Celtic, Native American, Indian and Eastern cultures have held in high regard the power of Crystals and Minerals. 
These beautiful stones were not only used by these cultures for healing but also worn as talismans for protection, fertility and in some cases decorating Palaces and Sacred buildings. 
Even today we use crystals and minerals in all sorts of industry. 
We love crystals here at Spellbound Gifts! 
The beauty of crystals is every piece is individual in its appearance, so what one person likes another may not. We are drawn to them for many different reasons. Some people like polished stones others like the raw natural look. Some people like collecting certain shapes like Spheres, Points, Pyramids and Eggs in all different minerals. 
Some people are drawn to certain crystals by their energy, using them for tools in Healing, Meditation, Divination, Scrying and Rituals. 
Here at Spellbound Gifts, we offer a wide range of Crystals, Minerals and Fossils including Tumblestones, Spheres, Pendulums, Points, Pyramids, Eggs, Geodes, Fossil Specimens and other larger Mineral specimen pieces. 
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