Quartz is a powerful, if not the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal on our planet! 
It absorbs negativity and transmutes it into a positive. It would be an ideal crystal to have around the home especially around telephones, televisions and other electrical appliances. 
In healing it is believed to realign all the chakras bringing the body back into balance and restoring optimum health, whilst stimulating your immune system. 
On a spiritual level quartz is helpful in raising your energy, and a tool that aids meditation and enhances psychic abilities. 
We have various quartz's in stock in all sorts of shapes and sizes some polished and others in their raw state. 
Pendulums, Spheres, Pyramids, Eggs, Points, Wands, Clusters, Tumble Stones, Carvings and Jewellery. 
As a crystal healer I use lots of quartz in healing grids but also check out how quartz and other crystals around the home can have a positive impact on the energy and ambience of your home creating a peaceful, calm and happy place. 
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